Founder’s Packs Contents won’t be Tradable

A German Community Manager recently confirmed on the official forums that most of the items from the Founder’s Packs (avatars, mount, pet, …) will be bound to either character or account.

Founder’s Packs Contents won’t be Tradable

Only Health Potions and, of course, currencies such as Silver and Royal Crystals will be tradable. This means that exclusive avatars for founders will only be redeemable by the account that purchased the pack.

There isn’t an official English confirmation, but the German CM stated that they have confirmed this information within Amazon Games.

January Team Update

The January Team update should be coming within the next few weeks and Founder’s Packs are an important topic that should be discussed in depth. We’re still missing many details about it, like 3D renders, and with the Christmas break, a considerable amount of unanswered questions have arisen on the official forums.

Probably the most important thing that could be on the update is the content roadmap that is said to be coming before release, and could possibly contain valuable information about the remaining classes and content progression.