Heroic 1v5 Clutch by Refrezh sends Team Liquid packing

A 1v5 for the history books, Refrezh saves Heroic from elimination at ESL Pro League Season 14. Team Liquid, inches away from victory, is now out of the tournament.

Heroic 1v5 Clutch by Refrezh sends Team Liquid packing

Team Liquid and Heroic faced off against each other in an elimination match during ESL Pro League Season quarterfinals. It was a do-or-die situation for either team and the winner would go ahead to face Na’Vi in the next round. But CS: GO fans were in for a treat as it was a series of dominance, an amazing comeback and then a near impossible 1v5 clutch to completely turn the game on its head.

If you did not watch the game live, you missed what is probably the best play of the tournament, if not the year. The series between Heroic and Team Liquid left fans gasping for air and many, the edge of their seats.

Team Liquid manage a comeback on Inferno, almost

After winning their respective map picks, Heroic and Team Liquid faced off on Inferno as the decider map. Heroic had a dominant CT side, one that saw the Danish team command a 12-3 lead at half-time. Victory was within reach for the Heroic players, some of whom are now facing an ESIC investigation for their role in the coaching bug scandal.

On their CT side, Team Liquid gave Heroic a taste of their own medicine. With a dominant CT side, Keith “NAF” Markovic led Team Liquid, keeping the NA team’s hopes alive. Team Liquid took the lead in the penultimate regulation round at 15-14. The NA team was one round away from victory and a semi-finals slot. Heroic was unable to string together 2 T-side rounds in a row, a fact that Refrezh feels they could have improved in a post-match interview. 

Heroic wins ESL Pro League Season 13 after a jaw-dropping 1v4 clutch by CadiaN

A 1v4 clutch to win the championship. Quadruple Overtime on Train. A series that goes the distance on all five maps (including two overtimes). Are you not entertained?

Heroic went on to win in overtime and now face Na’Vi in the semifinals. The CSGO community could not stop their excitement on seeing this incredible play from the youngster. NaVi awaits them in the semifinals and if Heroic continue to impress, NaVi might have a tough match ahead of them.