Liquid beat ENCE to win DreamHack Masters Dallas

Team Liquid are the champions of DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 after defeating the Finns of ENCE today 2-1 in the grand finals.

Liquid beat ENCE to win DreamHack Masters Dallas
Photo courtesy DreamHack

The grand final in Dallas was no surprise for those who follow the competitive CS:GO. ENCE (#3) and Liquid (#2) are directly competing at the top of the World Rankings and have come up with near-perfect campaigns during the group stage to secure a spot for the semifinals.

The best-of-three series began at Mirage, ENCE’s surprising map pick. Despite a well-rounded first half (8-7) with teams alternating dominance. The tight scoreline at the first-half suggested that the second one would be hotly contested, but the North American giants produced a impecable defensive performance and lost just one round before closing the map at 16-8.

In the second map, Overpass, the first half was also well contested, with the teams constantly changing rounds. This time, however, it was ENCE that came out with a minimum advantage of 8-7, playing on the CT side. In the second half, allu and co. got a good start to TR to quickly widened the gap to 13-7. But Liquid managed to react with good performances of nitr0 and Stewie2k reaching the matchpoint in 15-14. In the end, The Finns' turned things around as they battled for overtime and won 19-17.

In the last decisive map of the series, Inferno started with an advantage in favor of Liquid. Starting on the T side, the North Americans found no difficulties to open 10-1 on the scoreboard. The Finns responded before the end of the first half, making four points in a row and reducing their opponents' advantage to 10-5.

ENCE managed the good moment on the T side, winning three more rounds reducing the gap to two points. But the North Americans once again played a good CS to close map in 16-13, finishing the series in 2-1 to secure their second Big Event trophy in a row.

DreamHack Masters Dallas final standings:

1.  Liquid - $100,000
2.  ENCE - $50,000
3-4.  FaZe - $22,000
3-4.  FURIA - $22,000
5-6.  G2 - $10,000
5-6.  Vitality - $10,000
7-8.  North - $6,000
7-8.  Renegades - $6,000
9-12.  NiP - $4,000
9-12.  NRG - $4,000
9-12.  fnatic - $4,000
9-12.  Windigo - $4,000
13-16.  TYLOO - $3,000
13-16.  Isurus - $3,000
13-16.  Cloud9 - $3,000
13-16.  Lucid Dream - $3,000