Mars is the new DotA 2 hero

The God of War: Mars returns to regain his reign.

Mars is the new DotA 2 hero
Mars is the new DotA 2 hero - Photo courtesy Valve Corporation

Valve has announced last Sunday (5) DotA 2's new hero: Mars.

The character is a skilled fighter in melee battles, who amuses himself by facing his enemies with his spear. In addition to being strong to start battles, Mars controls his opponents and attacks them with his blows to inflict a lot of damage.

The champion is already available on Steam.

See below for Mars' skills.

  • Spear of Mars
    Mars throws his spear and damages every enemy unit that attacks. The first enemy hero hit is stuck and pushed back. If the enemy is in front of an obstacle, he will be stunned.
  • God's rebuke
    Mars crushes the enemies ahead with their shield, pushing them away and inflicting critical damage based on their attack power.
  • Bulwark
    Mars lifts his shield and blocks frontal and lateral attacks, which assists his offensive and defensive position.
  • Blood Arena
    In his Ultimate, Mars lifts an arena full of undead warriors of the Ash Legion, who defend and restrain enemy movements. Opponents approaching the inner edge of the arena will receive spear attacks.