MIBR defeat Liquid to qualify for ECS Season 7 LAN finals

MIBR beat Liquid 2-1 (4-16 Overpass, 16-13 Mirage and 16-11 Inferno) in the grand final of ECS Season 7 North America week five to secure its spot at the LAN Finals.

MIBR defeat Liquid to qualify for ECS Season 7 LAN finals
MIBR came back from a map down to beat Liquid 2-1.

In the first map, Overpass, Liquid's pick, the Americans started on the CT side and dominated the game completely, closing the first half in 12-3. On the T side, they only lost one round before closing the map at 16-4.

Unlike the previous map, when the teams met at the Mirage, for the first time there was balance in the series. At the end of the first half, the scoreboard were 8-7 in favor of Team Liquid. But the Brazilians turned, securing the victory in 16-13.

In the last map, Inferno, MIBR returned to perform well. Playing on the T side, they successfully punished their opponents and got the advantage of 9-6. The score could be even better if it were not some specific errors of the Brazilians. On the CT side, the individual plays of the duo of fer and FalleN strongly impacted the match, which already marked 14-6. After that, Team Liquid did a little damage, but it succumbed in two beautiful fer-tosses, again, closing the map in 16-11.

The LAN Finals will be held from June 6-9 at the SSE Arena in London. Eight teams will battle for their share of a $500,000 prize pool.

The complete team list is the following: