Lost Ark

Korea 01/12 Update – Artist Founder’s & Legendary Avatars

The latest update applied to the Korean server introduced the Artist class into the game. Along with the artist, her founder’s and...

Lost Ark

Founder’s Packs Contents won’t be Tradable

A German Community Manager recently confirmed on the official forums that most of the items from the Founder’s Packs (avatars, mount,...

Lost Ark

Lost Ark gets official release date for NA, SA

The popular MMO Action RPG comes to the west next year.

Lost Ark

All Lost Ark Platinum Founder’s Pack Avatars In-Game

Lost Ark currently offers four tiers of Founder’s Pack: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Lost Ark

Sorceress class accidentally leaked for Lost Ark NA, EU...

Throughout the Lost Ark NA/EU closed beta, the Mage class could either advance into a Bard or a Summoner.

ESL Pro League

ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference

ESL Pro League Season 15 With the 2022 calendar release we announced the ESL Pro League Conference as an extension to our regular...

League of Legends

Lane by Lane: Top performers at LCS Championship ahead...

The LCS Championship has concluded and three of NA's best teams will be competing at Worlds. Here is the best performer in each role...


CS:GO Legend Xizt Formally Announces Retirement

A part of the 87-0 roster, Major winner, and legend of the scene, Xizt, has formally retired from playing competitive CS:GO.


NiP and G2 off to dominant victories in BLAST Fall Group...

G2 and NiP will now face each other in the Upper Bracket Finals. Who do you have to win? uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience online. Learn More.