Stockholm remains a possibility for PGL Major

The PGL CS:GO Major playoffs will take place in Stockholm if the local authorities can make the event accessible to players, staff, and fans.

Stockholm remains a possibility for PGL Major
Featured image courtesy of @CSGO on Twitter.

The Swedish authorities are busy lifting restrictions for the PGL CS:GO Major to take place in Stockholm, as PGL initially planned at the beginning of the year.

The event organizer stressed that fans are a key part of a Major event, explaining that "if only a small group of fans are able to attend, then the event might as well take place somewhere else". Regardless of the location selected, ticket sales for the event will begin on September 16.

"We’re looking forward to holding the PGL CS:GO Major playoffs in Stockholm, but we’re also prepared to change direction in September if that event isn’t accessible to the audience.

"Regardless of where the Major ends up, we’re excited to bring you the best possible event with all the players, staff, and roaring crowds," PGL conclude their statement.