Valorant Corpse bug causes dead bodies to disappear

What do you do when you cannot see your dead teammates?

Valorant Corpse bug causes dead bodies to disappear
Image courtesy RIOT

A game-breaking bug in Valorant causes dead bodies to disappear. Without any available target, Sage players cannot resurrect their teammates, a potentially game-changing event. But there is a temporary fix to the corpse bug.

Sage’s ultimate ability, Resurrection, allows her to revive teammates back to full health. The bug makes corpses invisible thereby removing an important part of the team’s composition. Sage has seen an increasing presence in professional matches due to her ability to bring back dead allies to life. The ability virtually adds an extra person to your team as the enemy has to eliminate your ally twice.

Sage players: Where’s my teammate?

TriggerHappy0071 posted a Reddit thread with a video of the corpse bug. In the video, Sage sees his teammate die in front of her on Icebox. Like any good Sage player, she sets up a barrier to prepare for a resurrection on Reyna. But after setting up the barrier, he just couldn’t find the dead body that had already vanished on her. Without an allied target to lock on to, there was no way possible for her to resurrect his teammate.

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    Sage’s ultimate is a crucial part of any team composition and is the biggest reason for teams to pick her up. But when this corpse bug makes it impossible for Sage players to use their ultimate, it drastically reduces the chance to win the round.

    How to disable corpse in Valorant? 

    It's recommended to turn off corpses in Valorant for a detailed map view and an easily readable icon. Here's how you can remove corpse visibility. 

    • Press escape and click on settings
    • Click on general and scroll down 
    • Find "show corpse" under the "others" tab 
    • Turn the show corpse option off